I thought we were meeting at Peet’s at 9:30, but actually the time agreed upon had been 10am.  It’s common – the time thing getting mixed up in my head.  However, because I was ahead of the game a bit, I was rewarded with some quiet time in the warm sunshine to sip my dirty chai latte and wait for my friend.  I noticed this gentleman off to my right, back against the wall and foot propped up on a chair.   He was totally decked out in his black fedora, red tie, pinstriped trousers and tailored coat. – oh, and patent shoes. He was obviously doing some serious thinking and soaking up the same sunshine I was while sipping HIS coffee.   I couldn’t help myself.   I asked him if he minded if I sketched him.  He smiled, embarrassed and told me sure.  He also told me his name and that he was going through a crisis of sorts – with a “sister” and truly seemed despondent. I don’t know the rest of his story or why he was dressed to the nines.  But  I launched into a quick pen and ink sketch, threw on some fast washes and then showed him.  I loved his smile in response.  And I love that art can bring together strangers and do that type of thing – create a bridge for the small gift of a smile.  I reminded him that he was enjoying God’s sunshine and told him I would pray for him, and then he was gone. Well, kind of.  I have his memory in my journal and a reminder that some times there’s another time schedule at play I’m not even aware of.

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    Beautiful in every way

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