So here we are at day number 24 and today’s challenge was “cherry, lemon and turquoise.”  I struggled with making it too literal, but the colors were fun to work with.  This little irregular bowl was my Mom’s and it’s one of my favorites.  It was made in China and is held together with super glue in multiple places.  It has good “Wabi-Sabi” you might say.  :>)  In case you’re not familiar with these Japanese terms, Wabi can mean imperfect, or irregular beauty.  Likewise, “Sabi” has been interpreted as the beauty that treasures the passage of time or the patina that age bestows.  Leonard Koren defined it this way:  beauty of things imperfect, impermanent , and incomplete…a beauty of things modest and humble…a beauty of things unconventional .”  Nice, isn’t it??


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    • Marji
    • July 25, 2017

    I love your wabi-sabi painting, Ruth! I was trying to describe the pursuit of beauty and that is just about what I wanted to say.

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