Yesterday morning I was meeting a friend for coffee downtown and had a few extra minutes. Fortunately I had my journal and supplies with me in my purse  so when I passed this gentleman on the sidewalk playing his saw, I realized I had some interesting subject matter if I worked quickly. He was very engaging with his listeners, asking them where they were from, etc and asking for requests.  I just stood there and tried to draw in the basics of his shape.  It’s always challenging to sketch movement.  I guess you just have to jump in and grab a hasty impression. I managed to sketch through three songs before I needed to move on to my appointment. I knew I didn’t have it quite right, so a snapped picture meant I could finish up later with some quick corrections. Downtown Santa Cruz is – well, let’s just say it has lots of character, including lots of characTERS! Mr Saw-man apparently hitch-hikes down from Sonoma on a regular basis to share his tunes with Santa Cruzans.  And who knew that Mondays were “open request” days??  There’s always something to learn in downtown Santa Cruz!

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