On Fridays, the sketching group I’m a part of, heads off into various and sundry locations around Santa Cruz. Yesterday, the chosen spot was Gateway Plaza. Everyone spread out to different spots. Some chose the river walkway. Others went into Petsmart. I had my eye on World Market. After checking with the manager (who was rather dubious!), I “set up shop” in one of the aisles opposite the myriad of ornaments and tried to make myself as unnoticeable as possible.  There is so much to see in that store, that shoppers barely even gave me the time of day.  It was a perfect little nook for sketching though.  I had all the cool world music playing in the background and a vast array of ornaments to choose from.  I focused in on the birds and had so much fun “hanging” them on my page.  And these were just a sampling of all their choices!!

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    I love this, Ruth! You always have such a creative eye for capturing the world around you!!

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    Oh this is so cool. What a great idea to sketch in the store! 😉

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