I have a new privilege of meeting regularly with a group of other watercolor artists to challenge and learn together.  Because almost every watercolorist in the world always desires to “loosen up”  I presented the challenge of taking a photograph and then using it, rather than copying it to create their own new piece.  It first involved examining and naming some of the design elements of the photo.  Here is beautiful McWay Falls in Big Basin. img_2030 We talked about the elements of line, color and texture which were particularly strong in the photo.  The picture above is my rendition after several other versions.  I loved the lines and colors and ended up eliminating all the rest.  It’s a fascinating exercise because so many of us are locked into the actual imagery that we don’t give ourselves permission to eliminate, borrow and re-construct.  I’m sorry to say, that I got so excited about the other pieces, that I forgot to take pictures!!  Sorry.  It’s a fun exercise though and it really does help one remember that we don’t need to be enslaved to the image in front of us.  Rather respond, use and let your own interpretation come out.  I challenge you :>)

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    Lovely, Ruth! Fun idea, too!! 🙂

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